Erin C. Dougherty

Mar 08

Trial of U.S. Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair Under Way in Fort Bragg

“‘I’m so in love with him. I do know that I love him incredibly. … I love him almost unconditionally.” “You are my heart and world, you beautiful magnificent man.” These are just two of the numerous written declarations of a U.S. Army Captain demonstrating… Read More

Jan 27

Waivers of Collateral Attack and Appellate Rights Are “Analytically Distinct”

As a defense attorney, you’ve worked hard with the government to reach what you think is a fair plea deal for your client.  The Assistant United States Attorney demands, as part of the plea deal, that your client waive his or her appellate rights, including… Read More

Dec 19

Bharara’s Insider Trading Inferno Engulfs Its Next Victim: Former SAC Portfolio Manager Steinberg Convicted

Yesterday – seemingly before the ink even dried on SAC Capital Advisor’s unprecedented billion dollar plea agreement – U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office secured the conviction of former SAC portfolio manager Michael Steinberg. As recently reported by White Collar Alert editor Carrie Sarhangi, Steinberg was… Read More

Nov 27

Convictions of 3 Ex-GE Muni-Bond Execs Reversed by Second Circuit on Summary Order Just Days After Oral Argument

Yesterday, just a week after oral argument, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued a summary order (with an opinion to follow) reversing the convictions of three former General Electric Co. (“GE”) finance executives – Steven Goldberg, Peter Grimm, and Dominick… Read More

Nov 11

At Last – Some Positive Wiretapping News: DOJ Notifies Criminal Defendant of Intent to Use Evidence Obtained or Derived from FAA Wiretap

Edward Snowden’s and others’ disclosures regarding the existence, functions, and breadth of the National Security Agency’s (“NSA”) surveillance programs have fueled debate regarding mass surveillance, government secrecy, and the balance between national security and the right to privacy.  One related issue hits close to home… Read More


Nov 04

Ah, the Irony –The News of the World Trial: How the Press May Not Get a Fair Trial In Light of … the Press

On Tuesday, October 29th, a jury of nine women and three men was sworn in at London’s Old Bailey by The Honorable Mr. Justice Saunders, a High Court Judge of the Queen’s Bench Division.  Their task:  to decide the guilt or innocence of Rebekah Brooks,… Read More